Fly through the sky, run through the forest, dive into the water. You are the Dragon.

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General Rules

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1General Rules Empty General Rules on Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:36 am


I know rules can be boring, but they are important and needed! So please read them.
1~No cussing, racism, bullying. It will not be tolerated and you will be banned.
2~Please dont double post! If you want to add something, edit your post.
3~Be respectful to all!!
4~Follow all rules.
5~All Dragons may have a mate and eggs; 2 eggs is the limit.
6~Your Dragon may breathe fire, electricity, ect, but you may chose only 2 breathes.
7~Try to be active, if you do not post after 3 weeks, your account will be deleted and biographies, albums and other topics you have made will be locked.
8~There is a topic to advertise any other dragon roleplay forums, games ect, so please use it!
9~If you have an issue, please talk to the Admin (Alaska).
10~Only 1 Dragon per person, if I find that you have more than one, your account/s will be deleted and you must sign up again with one Dragon ONLY.
11~If you wish to get rid of your Dragon, you can kill it off, although after that, the same RP character can't be accepted but the creator can create a new one.
12~If you see any of the members breaking any of these rules, please inform the Admin (Alaska).

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