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Role Play guide

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If you are on a good RP site, there should be absolutely no text talking! Use full sentences and good punctuation and grammar. Use quotation marks when your character is talking. Otherwise many people get annoyed and you are made to look silly.
Never post one-liners! This is usually just one sentence of what your character is doing. Posting dialogue is not an excuse for a one-liner. The people who you roleplay with may not like it at all. The occasional one-liner is fine (barely) but do not make it a habit to where everyone else has the brunt of the roleplay. You are there too, so make the attempt to write longer posts.

Use description! Don't just say I walked to a rock and sat down on it Where are you? What does the area look like? How did you walk over? How did you sit down? How were you feeling? What were you thinking as you walked over? Where had you just been? You need to think of all these questions whenever you RP. Instead, you could say something like, [b]I briskly walked to the crumbling rock at the lake, sitting down on it, wrinkling my nose at the sickeningly smell of dead fish nearby. I glanced at the water, watching the fish chase eachother through the reeds.
Now do you see what you're aiming for?


-RPing may seem like hard work, but you can really get into it and have a lot of fun. Following these suggestions above will help you have a great time, and make others on your RP quickly appreciate you.

-Don't be afraid of adding too many details. The more details, the better off the roleplay will be. But don't add too much detail about one thing unless it is the main subject.

-No one liners. They do nothing to advance the story. Most people do not like them as they do nothing for the roleplay, always assume if it is not mentioned that one liners are not permitted.

-There are 2 ways to RP: One is to talk in third person, like: "Jane mercilessly tackles Jim, pinning him to the ground." The second one is to talk in first person, like: *tackles Jim, pinning him to the ground* But here we use " when talking, ' when thinking and do NOT RP like -sits down and sniffs the air-
We Rp like this:
I sat down and sniffed the air, "smells like fish" I said, realising I was alone, I laughed, 'Im talking to myself', I thought.

(For a better guide, see guide 2)

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